How to do InstaTrade

> July 11, 2019
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Step 1: Log in to your TulipEX account then click InstaTrade.

Step 2: Select desired Currency and Payment Method.

Step 3: For example, if you want to buy BCH, you can either select US Dollars (USD) from your debit/credit card or BTC as payment method. After selecting the payment method, enter the Amount and Google Authenticator Code then click Submit.

Note: You can view the Total which displays the amount of BCH based on the amount of BTC payment you’ve indicated. The Fee amounts to 0.2% of the Total amount of BCH, while the Total Received is the amount of BCH you’ll receive after the fee is deducted.

Step 4: After you click Submit, a request confirmation will be displayed and would ask you to check your email to confirm the transaction.

Step 5: Once you received the confirmation in your email, click the link or copy and paste it on the web browser to confirm the transaction.